Too often in our industry, recruiting firms take a cookie-cutter approach. They only work on retainer. They only work on traditional or digital. They are a staffing firm and prefer to focus on interim search. When they get too large, they need to stay focused and feed the revenue machine.


As a boutique firm focused squarely on finding exceptional people who have the talent and wherewithal to build great brands, we like interesting assignments, interesting people who are passionate about doing great and sometimes wholly innovative work, and we like finding solutions to complex problems.


As a result, we don't often say no. We listen, we apply years of experience, and think creatively about solutions. If we don't have a service that meets your needs, and we see an opportunity, our consulting practice gives us the ability to build it in partnership with you. Our approach is essentially, "Together, there's no problem we can't solve."


So, if you have challenges or opportunities that are going un-met, and you feel they might be better addressed with the help of a smart, dedicated partner who's willing to get into the trenches to deliver on the promise of great branding and creative talent - and empowering great work within your organization - call us. We'd love to hear you out and share our thinking.


Who knows, maybe there are the makings of a long-term partnership. After all, every great relationship starts with a conversation.


                                                                                                             -  Peter Eleftherio, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

                                     We go beyond traditional recruiting services

                                     like executive and retained search and free-

                                     lance and contract placement. Our consulting

practice allows us to shape engagements to meet your needs

and address the unique challenges of your business. Whether

it's helping a small agency scale its business through merger

and acquisition, or helping a start-up build out a freelance

virtual agency capability, there are few branding and creative challenges we haven't tackled.

                                    The ideal solution for your most critical senior

                                    level branding, creative  and PR searches. When

                                    you really need to find the right match for a

key leadership role, retained executive search gives you pre-

ferred access to dedicated resources to drive role definition, heavy research, sustained outreach, in-depth pre-screening

and interviewing, scheduling, reference-checking and offer negotiation. You're committed. We're committed. It's the best

way to ensure you find the right leadership.

                                     Sometimes what you really need is just a

                                     talented freelancer, or team, to get your next

                                     project done. We have a robust network of proven talent across more than 30 disciplines including creative directors, copywriters, art directors, designers, production artists, strategists, brand planners, media planners, client and project managers, digital and video producers, publicists, print production managers and more. All ready to be carefully matched to your projects and deadlines.



                                     The primary option for mid-level searches,  

                                     where retained search just isn't an option.

                                     Contingency means you pay only if you hire

a candidate we provide. You are free to hire directly or use

other recruiting firms. The upside is pure pay-for-performance. The trade-off is that contingency limits the investment of

time and resources your recruiting firm can apply. So, you're likely to get the best candidates currently in the pipeline,

and a couple bursts of new candidate outreach. As such,

it's often best to employ multiple firms if you don't get the results you're looking for over the first couple of weeks.

                                     Need interim help, on-location, on an extended

                                     basis? Contract Staffing services have you  

                                     covered for everything from special projects,

to seasonal spikes, to maternity and paternity leaves. When

you need someone full-time, on-site, for several months or

longer, we can help. We'll assist you in finding the right people, negotiating their contracts, and onboarding them. We can

even carry them on our payroll as employees of The Works.

All of which helps you navigate the world of head counts and hiring freezes, and allows you to get projects done on time, on budget, without breaking the bank.



                                      Agency review has long been the domain of

                                      a few national boutique firms, charging huge

                                      fees to help big brands align with big       agencies. But what about the little guys? Having worked extensively with entrepreneurial agencies and brands over the years, we decided it's time to launch a capability that helps match growing companies with growing agencies, locally. This service, in its beta stages now, will cost-effectively help match parties using the same expertise, research methodology and thoughtful matchmaking that has made our candidate search and placement services so successful.